REFLEX Zlín, spol. s r.o
Reflex Zlín

The law firm of JUDr. Bc. Michal Březovják has provided us with a comprehensive set of legal services since 2008. These include, for instance, preparing and overseeing a tender for the supply of a production plant subsidised by a CZECHINVEST project. His team draw up all the contracts for work, necessary amendments and purchase agreements, they enforce our claims, and prepare documents for general meetings and other essential correspondence requiring legal precision. If needed, he actively participates in negotiations at the conclusion of crucial contracts. The legal services provided by this law firm are outstanding.

Ing. Oldřich Jurčík, Executive Director of REFLEX Zlín, spol. s r.o.

ENVIprojekt s.r.o.

We began collaborating with JUDr. Bc. Michal Březovják 3 years ago. In all my 30 years in management, I have never met a lawyer who could offer legal assistance while also coming up with his ideas on how to solve problems. This was my experience before our company started to cooperate with JUDr. Bc. Michal Březovják. It is my pleasure to say on behalf of the company that our collaboration has been very creative and effective. Personally, I can truly recommend the legal services of JUDr. Bc. Březovják to others.

RNDr. Oldřich Fišer, Executive Director of ENVIprojekt s.r.o.