What do we offer?

Entering into contracts forms an inseparable part of any business. Drafting, commenting and revising contracts, proposing methods of securing the obligations arising out of contracts and solving the liability for breach of obligations have become my daily bread. I am experienced with contracts for work concluded in the construction, engineering, chemicals and plastics industries, as well as the area of consultancy and information technologies, I have built expertise with drafts of purchase agreement and so called innominate contracts executed in the chemicals, plastics and insurance industry, in the field of real-property business and information technologies.

I can render a wide range of services:
  • Consultancy services on contract drafts
  • Commenting and altering contract drafts
  • Drafting agreements based upon the client’s requirements
  • Commenting and writing terms and conditions
  • Consultancy services on executing contracts
  • Selection and preparation of a reasonable method of securing of obligations arising out of such contracts
  • Consultancy services on liability for breach of obligations established by contracts

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