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Legal Services

Representation in Commercial Disputes

I represent clients during the dispute resolution and settlement negotiations with their business partners or a third party. Since my clients’ priority is to do business not to solve disputes, I strive to settle the dispute amicably and acceptably for my client at the same time. If such settlement turns out to be impossible, I represent my clients in the court or arbitration proceedings. In particular, I use my experience with representing clients in the dispute arising out of contracts for work executed in the construction industry.

I provide the following legal services:

  • Dispute analysis and risk evaluation
  • Negotiations to reach settlement
  • Writing and filing lawsuits with the court of the Czech Republic, or Slovak Republic, if applicable
  • Representation of clients in the court proceedings
  • Writing and filing arbitration claims
  • Representation of clients in the arbitration proceedings

Registered office and contact information

JUDr. Bc. Michal Březovják
Školní 3362/11
760 01 Zlín

+420 573 776 214

+420 573 776 215