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Legal Services

Legal Services

I help corporate clients address any business legal needs which may arise in the course of running business. I advise them on matters relating to ordinary business issues, as well as unexpected or difficult ones. I assist joint-stock companies and limited liability companies with registration of changes in the Commercial register, organisation of general meeting agenda, amendments to Memorandums of Association and Articles of Association, increase or decrease in registered capital, transfer of a stake in business, transfer of shares, mergers, changes of a company’s legal form and other changes connected with reorganization of companies. In addition, I provide legal consultancy to business entities as well as physical persons in the area of contracts and agreements, ensuring of business obligation relationship, and commercial disputes.

I advise my clients and help them write documents relating to residential houses, apartments, non-residential facilities and premises. I provide legal consultancy services in the area of employment law. In order satisfy the needs of corporate agents, directors, supervisory board members, members of limited liability companies, and shareholders, I advice them on matters relating to transfer of real property, creation of an easement, regulation of the community property of spouses, its settlement, I guide them in the area of family law and in the matters relating to road accidents.
In addition, I give legal consultancy on matters of construction law and administrative proceedings.
Upon the client’s request and after previous preparation I can render services from other branches of law so that clients can obtain comprehensive legal services.


Registered office and contact information

JUDr. Bc. Michal Březovják
Školní 3362/11
760 01 Zlín

+420 573 776 214

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