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I establish legal services fees on the basis of previous agreement with the client. As a rule, I propose an agreed hourly fee for every begun hour or a lump sum fee for a certain scope of legal services.

The fee does not include reimbursement of cash expenses, such as court fees, travel expenses, notary’s fees, etc. If any legal services provided by me include also cash expenses, the client is obliged to pay such expenses. If I have to travel outside my office or if there is a delay in commencement of a negotiation, the client is obliged to pay 100 CZK for every begun half-an-hour for the wasted time pursuant to Regulation 177/1996 Sb. (Coll.), On fees and remuneration of lawyers for their provision of legal services, as amended.

I enter into contracts of provision of legal services with clients who use my legal services on a regular basis. The services are then rendered on more advantageous conditions and clients pay a regular, lump-sum fee.


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