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About me

About Me

I am an independent attorney-at-law registered in the Register of lawyers of the Czech Bar Association, under the registration number 11762. I gained legal education at the Faculty of Law of the Palacky University in Olomouc. Simultaneously, I extended my qualifications by studying management and economics where I got a baccalaureate degree and obtained the title “Bc.” by passing baccalaureate examinations. Such education enables me to consider cases not only from the legal point of view but I can take account of economic aspects too, which is appreciated by corporate clients.

I established my private practice on the basis of a business plan prepared in collaboration with my colleague JUDr. Radek Židlík. Our mutual business plan implements innovations in providing legal services consisting in a wide use of electronic communication, providing clients with quick access to information about their cases and educating clients and their staff, which leads to raising legal awareness of their basic rights and obligations. Thanks to our business plan we could locate our offices in the Business Innovation Centre Zlín, Vavrečkova street 5262, situated at the heart of former Bata factories, in the building marked with number 23.

Considering my personal qualities, I approach the provision of legal services most responsibly and with a thorough care. I put emphasis on timely provision of legal services, in the necessary extent, defending clients’ interests rigorously.

I serve my clients not only in Czech but also in English language. I have a passive knowledge of German, therefore, I can assist clients even in matters requiring German language, with the help of an interpreter, if necessary. I collaborate with my colleague JUDr. Radek Židlík, notary offices residing in Brno and Zlín, tax auditors and advisors, certified interpreters and experts, if needed.


Registered office and contact information

JUDr. Bc. Michal Březovják
Školní 3362/11
760 01 Zlín

+420 573 776 214

+420 573 776 215